All-in-one CRO Tools for website

Visitor Recording

Record and replay every movement, click and scroll of a visitor's session.


Instant feedback widget for your visitor to capture screenshot and rate their experience.


Quick single question poll to quickly collect certains opinion from your users.


Visualize user behaviour with a simple heatmap of condensed interaction point.

Click Map

Visualize where your visitor clicked the most on your website.

Scroll Map

Visualize how far down have your visitors scrolled in your website.

Error tracker

Enable a tracker to alert you whenever a new error occured in your website.

Single Page Application

Works with Single Page Application to track and record on every hash changes as a new page request.

Do Not Track me

Stop tracking yourself to avoid confusion and unnecessary data in your research.

Visitor Analysis

Learn all about your visitors on their Bounce Rate, Average Session Time, and Page per Visit.

Conversion Funnel

Funnel to illustrates the journey of your visitors go through on their way to becoming customers.

Replace all analytics tools with one

Whether you are a marketer, product manager, or UX designer, we have all the tools you need to make better product and convert more sales!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many feedback can I collect for my plan?

We offer unlimited feedback for all plan, you can collect feedback with screenshot for your website indefinitely.

How long can I keep my feedback?

You can keep the feedback forever until you have decided to deletes them or remove your account.

Can I remove the watermark from feedback widget?

Yes, you can remove the "powered by" watermark by upgrading your account to one of our paid plan.

Can I collect feedback with screenshot in Free plan?

Yes, your free plan feedback widget will have the ability to capture screenshot of users.

You can record your visitors with session recording for free

Starting from $0 per month

No credit card required.